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Softpro has been providing IT services and advice to SMBs and educational institutions since 1999.   We are a father and son team with a wide range of complementary experience. We are fully committed to providing an excellent service to our clients.

About Philip Walmsley    Member of the Institute of IT Professionals

Philip Walmsley - IT Consultant Philip has worked in the computer industry since gaining an honours degree in computing at the prestigious University of Manchester when he was in his early twenties.  He has many years’ experience in ICT (Information Communication Technology), and has successfully undertaken many types of role within the industry.  He is a problem solver with a reputation for delivering effective and lasting solutions in a range of organisations.

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About Patrick Walmsley

Patrick has a passion for seeing technology used to enhance businesses and schools, and the way people interact with technology.  He has NZIM Certificate in Management as well as industry qualifications in both physical and wireless networking.  Patrick’s passion for IT is infectious, he is always looking to improve things and utilise technologies to their best advantage.  His networking experience, particularly in wireless networking sets him as a sought-after expert in his field.