What is Special About 29 July?

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It isn’t my birthday. It isn’t Christmas. It isn’t school holidays. So what is so special about 29 July? Windows 10 will be released, bringing the best of Windows 8 and Windows 7 into one platform. Here are three key things to know about Windows 10.   1.  The start menu returns! The start menu […]

Why Office 365?

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The new Office is a cloud subscription that provides virtually anywhere access to your familiar Office applications plus business-grade email, calendar, and video conferencing across your devices – from PCs to smartphones to tablets. Here’s what’s new: Devices: The new Office works great across all your devices. With its modernized, clean, and fluid user interface, […]

File Extensions – What are they?

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All computer files have a short description to describe the type of file it is. The description is usually three letters long and is preceded by a full stop.  And it’s called a ‘file extension’. Some of these file extensions are very common and well-known. For example, .doc – the DOC stands for ‘document’ and […]

Twitter Glossary

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Tweet:  A message sent via Twitter. Avatar: The small photograph of yourself on your Twitter homepage. Follow: When you choose to add someone to your list of people whose tweets you want to see. De-Follow:  When you decide to stop following someone on twitter.  On other social network sites it is called ‘defriend’.  Hashtag. Tagging an individual […]