Professional IT Consulting

Technology and communication are essential to a modern business. It is important for you and your staff to have the very best tools available to grow efficiently.

CITPNZSoftpro consults on all aspects of technology and communication. Our professional consulting service gives you experience and expertise from a Chartered IT Professional (CITPNZ).

We can assess your current set up and requirements, and identify ways to strengthen your system and mitigate issues. We compare current industry standards, future trends and innovative solutions to provide the best options and recommendations for our clients.

Technical ExpertsAs part of our consulting, we are able to consider all aspects of your IT systems including:

  • Network resilience and tolerance
  • Failover capabilities
  • Uptime requirements and projections
  • Cloud technologies
  • Total cost of ownership

We have decades of experience in a wide range of industries, including commercial, government and education. This cross-industry experience means you can be assured of getting the best advice possible.

Our clients are happy when we help them to increase uptime or reduce TCO; and many clients are able to get both advantages simultaneously.

With Softpro consulting, you can relax and have peace-of-mind knowing you are getting the best advice for your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business.

Softpro Project Management service can help you manage and implement your ICT projects and ensure a smooth transition.