Does Your Business Need Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking tool. It’s a way to meet and interact with people all around the world in a simple, quick and easy way. And it is a powerful business tool.

Twitter is a great for marketing and communications and it’s a brilliant way to increase brand awareness. You can use it to drive traffic; for example, if you’ve posted something online, you can tweet your followers and they will know to go and look at your website.  Twitter’s big advantage is that it works in real time, so your followers get to hear about your specials, or your latest news or whatever immediately. It’s faster than the news!

One of the most useful things about Twitter is that the messages you send are limited to 140 characters. This means that your recipients will be able to read your message quickly and respond if they need or want to. They will be able to respond immediately because they won’t need to sit down and read a whole article and they won’t have to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper or the six o’clock news.

Some Tips for Starting Out On Twitter:

Twitter might feel a bit scary to begin with, but it’s actually a friendly place, and the rules are simple. So here’s a few tips to get you started.

1. Anyone who wants to receive your messages, or tweets, is called your ‘follower’. Having lots of followers is great for your business.

2.  Make sure you send a personal note of welcome to each person who starts to follow you.

3. Tweet about what’s important to you and what you’re passionate about.

4. Tweet about things that are of interest to your followers, and to your business contacts.

5. Interact, listen, respond, and care about what people are saying. That will bring you quality followers.

6. Have a clear bio & avatar as this will encourage people to follow you when they know who they are following.

7. When you tweet and someone forwards your tweet to their own followers that’s a re-tweet. A re-tweet is a great compliment. Make sure you leave enough characters at the end of your tweet so that people can re-tweet you.

8. Take it slowly, but do make a step towards using Twitter. Start today by signing up to follow Softpro on Twitter.