Don’t Go to Work

Yes, that is right, don’t GO to work, do work. Of course this seems obvious, work is something you do, not somewhere you go but often it is still treated as a location and this is costing time and money.

Go to workYou’ve probably guessed it, I’m talking about mobile working from anywhere. The nice thing about mobile working is that it ticks the boxes for all great business decisions, ‘save time’, ‘save money’, and ‘increase productivity’. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The main barrier to mobile working is having the right tools. A couple of months ago, my mechanic came out and did some work on my car. Something I noticed about his work is that he has the right tools for the job with him. It was quite an intensive job but the right tools made all the difference.

The same can be done for most jobs but most of the time we just don’t do it. New tools and technologies such as cloud can be leveraged so that you can have the tools you need where and when you need them. Having these tools can help you get your work done.

Most things can utilise the cloud and there are lots of ‘off the shelf’ tools available. Emails, file storage and sharing, collaboration, sales tools, accounting applications, and even phone systems can all use the cloud and allow you to work where and when you want. I know this because we do it ourselves – I’m actually doing it right now as I type this article into my Surface Pro 3 on my dining room table.

If mobile working is something you want to do more of, contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can answer your questions.