How to Install a Cell Phone App

Installing a smart phone app is very easy and takes virtually no time at all. Smart phone applications are faster to install than downloading a program on the computer and it’s much easier too. Applications might affect your phone mechanically in some ways, but the app will always warn you first.

Step 1

If you have an Android smart phone start by finding the ‘Marketplace’ and click on it.

If it’s an iPhone, look for the ‘Apps Store’.  Then click the option that says something along the lines of “Apps.” This will open up your app store and is totally different from purchasing music or wallpapers.

Step 2

Either click the magnify glass logo, which means ‘search’, or select a category and look up anything you want to download. Once you’ve found the app you were looking for, make sure you check all of the versions of that app and read the reviews.

Step 3

Every smart phone carrier should include consumer feedback with every application, except for the ones that literally just arrived. Some applications have bugs or faults so wait until it’s been tested and read what other buyers had to say about it.

Step 4

After you’ve selected the application, you want to look and see if it’s one that you have to pay for, or if it’s a free application. Some carriers provide searches that divide paid and free apps, so it makes looking for apps that much easier.

If it’s a free app:

You should just be able to download and install it right then and there.

If the application is one that you have to pay for:

You’ll have to connect your credit card to your marketplace.  To connect your credit card to the marketplace, all that you have to do is enter in your credit card digits where it asks for it and provide an email and password. This purchase will later show up on your monthly bill under purchases.

Step 5

Once you’ve successfully purchased your application, all you have to do is wait a few seconds and watch the downloading bar reach a hundred per cent. Now that it’s downloaded, it will install automatically and then you can go to the app section of your phone and begin using it. Some apps may change little things such as your background, clock or phone sleep timer.


Once you’ve had a chance to fully test out and use the application, you can leave a customer review on the app so that other buyers can see what you’ve had to say about the game or app. You can also rate the app using the star system mentioned earlier, rating the app from one to five stars based on how much you enjoyed it.

Next time I’ll have some tips for avoiding common problems with your smart phone.

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