Making the Most of Your Smart Phone

Tips for using your Smart PhoneA smart phone literally has it all – phone, Internet access, games, music and a built-in digital camera.  Playing around with a smart phone is so much fun – who cares if you have to wait in line at the post office when you have your smart phone? Once you’ve learned the basics, here are a few tricks to get even more from your smart phone.

Get more in less space

Setting the font to the smallest size lets you read more of a story or email in the screen.  This makes checking email a faster process. But if you find it hard to see, just increase the font size for more comfortable reading. What’s great is that you can adjust the font to your personal preferences.

Add to spell check

Your smart phone will flag any word that it thinks is misspelled. Sometimes it’s a business related word or just a slang word, but it’s not an error. To “teach” your smart phone a new word, press three times to cancel the correction and the word will become part of your smart phone dictionary.

Speed up scrolling

Flick your finger up the screen gently and the page will scroll down quickly.  Touch the screen and your finger acts as a brake, stopping the scrolling, instantly.

Take a closer look

The smart phone has a pinch operation that lets you zoom in on a section of words. Put finger and thumb (or two fingers) on the screen, move the two apart and the screen will zoom in.  Reverse the operation to zoom out.

Bring on the videos

The smart phone offers the option to watch videos.

Get a designer theme

After spending all that money on a smart phone, you probably don’t want yours to have the same theme as someone else has. In which case, you can download free smart phone themes directly into your phone. Several Internet sites offer these themes.

Next time, I’ll tell you about smart phone apps – what they are and how you might use them.