Six Times Faster – The Future of Internet

SkydiveWhen I went skydiving, I had it videoed so that I show my family. My brother lives in Brisbane so I shared the file with him and transferred it over the internet.

While I was waiting for the file to transfer I was reminded of the real difference fast internet makes to our lives, both personally and professionally.

And the good news is that Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) is available to homes as well as businesses in NZ, so you might very well be interested in having it installed at home. And you will be pleased to hear that it’s not expensive or complicated to acquire.


Why Get UFB?

The simple reason why is because it is faster.

Downloading to your computer on UFB is like driving on the motorway instead of running.
Uploading from your computer on UFB is like travelling in a jet compared to running.


Download:    15 Mbps increased to 100 Mbps
Upload:        0.8 Mbps increased to 50 Mbps

These improved speeds are important as internet usage goes up. Everyone is now using internet calls, on demand video streaming, online gaming and cloud services more than before and fast internet become paramount to both business and entertainment.

The data we are able to use in business for efficiency, communication and competitive advantage is better than ever before. The exponential growth of data over the past few years has been phenomenal; more than 90% of the world’s data in existence has been created in just the past two years.

Fast internet is good for your business.


Is UFB Expensive?

The short answer is No.

UFB is usually a similar price to existing broadband connections. When signing up for UFB, you can choose a provider and plan that suits your requirements. My flat changed providers to get the same cap for less money.
For a residential address, installation is usually free. At a business address there will be a reasonable installation cost.


How Do I Get UFB?

Click here and fill out your details. Softpro can manage the process of getting UFB installed for you.
Alternatively, you can do it in three easy steps.

  1. Check if ultra-fast-broadband is available.
    Chorus is the primary UFB wholesaler in New Zealand. UFB availability can be checked at their website:
    For Whangerei, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch, use the links are the bottom of this page.
  2. Sign up with an ISP.
    At Softpro, we use and recommend 2talk for both internet and phone services. Plans and pricing are available at their website:
    After signing up for UFB, you will be contacted by the installers to arrange installation of the new UFB fibre cable.
  3. Setup the new connection.
    With your new UFB fibre connection, you will need to connect up to it. You may need to upgrade to a UFB capable router. Contact us and we will be able to help you with making sure your router is UFB compatible.

This video shows how UFB at home can be beneficial for both for personal and work lives.

The internet is how we communicate, how we share, how we stay in touch for both our professional and personal lives. Ultra-fast broadband is the future of internet in New Zealand and provides many advantages both at work and at home.

I would encourage anyone to is interested get connected and take advantage of the new network early.

Contact Softpro to help you get UFB installed:


Phone: 09 950 3011


Northpower Fibre – Whangerei

Ultrafast Fibre – Waikato/Bay of Plent

Enable Networks – Christchurch

Chorus – Rest of the country