Taking Care of Your Smart Phone

Moisture Damage

Moisture is your Smart Phone’s enemy. You would expect that if you leave your phone in your pocket and put it through the wash cycle, your phone will get damaged. But did you know that exposing your phone to the steam in the bathroom when you go for a shower can be enough to damage your phone?

And when you take it to be repaired, the mobile phone repair man will look at the little white spot or square somewhere inside your phone. If it has changed from white to red, it’s a sign that your phone has got moisture in it.

But don’t despair. It might be possible to dry out your phone and it could keep working. The best thing to do is:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Put the phone in a plastic bag and take it to the smart phone repair shop. They may be able to dry out the phone and give it an ultrasonic bath to remove and prevent corrosion. This will cost about $50 or so.

If you want to try drying your phone out yourself at home, put it in a plastic bag with some rice and dry shredded newspaper to absorb the moisture. Don’t turn the phone on again until you are very sure that it is completely dry inside, as turning on a wet phone will cause a short circuit.

Also, don’t use a hairdryer to try and dry it, as you could push the moisture even further into your phone.

Screen Damage

A common phone problem is a cracked or broken screen. This can be repaired or replaced if the parts are still available.

To avoid scratching your phone screen, don’t put it in your pocket with keys or change. Also, don’t put your phone in your back pocket as you are likely to forget about it and sit on it. I also like to use a little plastic screen protector. You can get them from places like Dick Smith or Noel Leeming. Just cut the screen protector to the correct size, make sure your screen is very clean and oil free, then carefully lay on the screen protector and smooth out. Your touch screen should work fine with the screen protector in place.

Phone Insurance

This might sound like a good idea if you have paid for an expensive smart phone. But check the details of the policy, as insurance can be expensive and have various clauses so that it actually costs more to insure and pay the excess for a replacement phone than it does to just set aside the premium amount each week.

Quick Fix for Errant Phones

If your phone is giving error messages or refusing to connect to Wi-Fi or just generally running slowly, it might be time to reboot. To do this:

  1. Make sure you have all your data saved elsewhere, and be prepared to lose some of your settings.
  2. Remove the battery while the phone is turned on.
  3. Wait for a minute and then replace it. This forces your phone to do a hard reset.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to take your phone to be looked at by a cellphone repair centre.

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