The Easy Answer to a Technical Question

Have you ever wondered or been asked what exactly is the difference between hardware and software? Here’s a very quick definition that will help you know and to answer the question if you are asked.


The hardware is the physical piece of machinery, such as the system box, mouse and keyboard, video and graphics cards. This equipment serves as the host for the software. Hardware is changed far less often than software.

Everything about the name speaks to what the devices are like; hard wired, hard to make, hard to install and hard coded with instruction. The easiest way to think of hardware, is that it is the part of the computer that you can physically touch.


Software is the programme aspect of the computer. It cannot be physically touched and is easily created, wiped out and replaced in an instant. Software is the programming that allows you to perform the specific task you need to complete.

Software holds the collection of instructions that enables users to issue a set of commands and have the computer respond with a certain result.

Examples of programmes are PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, and even the Internet. Basically, anything that you can point and click at on your screen is tied to some type of software.

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