Twitter Glossary

Tweet:  A message sent via Twitter.

Avatar: The small photograph of yourself on your Twitter homepage.

Follow: When you choose to add someone to your list of people whose tweets you want to see.

De-Follow:  When you decide to stop following someone on twitter.  On other social network sites it is called ‘defriend’. 

Hashtag. Tagging an individual tweet by using a hash in front of the tag.  Hashtags allow you to easily stream a particular subject.

Microblog. Twitter is often referred to as a microblog because it allows people to update their status using only 140 characters.

Mistweet. Accidentally sending a tweet to the wrong person or wishing you didn’t send a particular tweet.

Nudge. A reminder to you to update your status. You can only do this to someone who follows you and who has a device registered with Twitter.

Retweet (RT). This is when you forward a message that you like to your own followers.  It’s a honour to be retweeted. 

Twaffic. The traffic on Twitter.

Tweeple. Twitter users.

Tweeps. Twitter followers who are your friends on multiple social networks. They are your social network peeps or posse.

Tweet Back. Bringing an older tweet back into the conversation

Tweeter. A person who tweets.

Twitosphere. Twitter users or the community of tweeters.