What Is a Smart Phone Application?

What is an App?

Smart phone applications (or cell phone applications) are add-on programs downloaded to your phone to perform various tasks. These days, there are smart phone applications for just about anything you can imagine. These applications can do anything from finding your GPS location to finding Wi-Fi connections in your general area to offering a daily recipe.

How Much Do They Cost?

Applications vary in price range – from free to up to a hundreds of dollars, depending on what the application is capable of and its quality. Games usually run for about a dollar to five dollars, depending on what game it is and what gaming brand made it. Most GPS applications are free, but if you’re looking for high quality smart phone apps, then you might have to pay a few dollars for the good ones.

How Do I Choose?

Before you start buying these applications, most companies provide customer feedback, so that you can read what other consumers have had to say about it. Many companies also provide a rating system that users can look at to see the quality of the application. The rating system is based on a star system – the more stars, the better the reviews are for the smart phone application.

Smart phone applications have many purposes. For example, you can learn Spanish from your phone just by simply downloading a little application and teaching yourself. Watch TV from your phone if you want. You can even use your smart phone as an effective torch or flashing amber warning lights. Yes, there really are endless applications for your smart phone.

What About Game Apps?

The most downloaded types of applications are mobile games. Every smart phone offers downloadable games for free or cheap while providing consumer reviews about the games. Games are usually free, but some brand name games like Monopoly or Kingdom Hearts usually cost to play.

Smart phone games are not only one player anymore, either. Newer games or updated ones can now play multiplayer between you or your friends, and some phone apps even are even online.

Spelling games such as Words with Friends are currently popular on the Apple app market. Friends get to battle each other in competitive spelling games now, instead of just playing a bunch of small single player app games.

Can I Get a GPS App?

Your smart phone is even capable of finding your exact longitude and latitude with new GPS applications constantly being released and improved. Using Google Maps, your smart phone can not only pinpoint your exact location on a map, but is also capable of showing you a satellite image of your area. It’s a great alternative to buying a two hundred dollar GPS – just download a free one, or buy one very cheap from the app market and have it on your smart phone in a matter of seconds.

Are There Apps For My Phone Camera?

Camera phone apps are also available on almost every carrier’s app market. Most people are limited to their camera’s effects, but through downloading editing apps on the market, users can expand their camera’s abilities.

Some effects on the application market aren’t even found on the computer and the best part is that most effect apps are free. To use these applications, you don’t go to your camera to take the picture, but instead you go to the application itself. The application is connected to your camera.

Next time, I will show you how to download and install a smart phone app onto your phone.