What is King?

It is often said that ‘knowledge is power’ but more importantly data is king. We all know that creating and using data is important.  After all, we all spend hours every day using computers of various types. What can easily be overlooked is how the data is stored and backed up.  Backups are probably the least ‘sexy’ part of IT.  But, like insurance, backup is incredibly important.

Insurance and backups are fairly similar in a lot of respects. For example, with both insurance and with backups, you need to have it in place BEFORE something happens. Most of us will insure our cars, our homes, maybe even our businesses and we also need to protect our data in the same way.

Three essential questions to ask yourself about your data and backups:

  1. Where is your data? Whether it is on your laptop or your server, how is it protected from hardware failures?
  2. How is it backed up? Is it backed up to tape or USB? What is the process for you or your employees to with this backup?
  3. Where is it backed up to? If it backed up to USB, is it taken offsite and is that secure? If it is in the Cloud, is that in New Zealand or overseas?

Knowing how and where your data is backed up is crucial to every business.  Lose your data, lose your business.

I’m thinking of a motel where the computer was destroyed.  They didn’t have a backup and they had no idea if they had vacancies or not, if they could book people in, who was booked when, and who had paid for what.  It’s just not worth risking it.

If you think you might be at risk, get it sorted today, and give us a call. Studies show that businesses that have significant data loss are likely to go out of business within the 12 months following the data loss. Don’t be one of those businesses.

One option which I highly recommend when considering backups is CloudBackup. It is a New Zealand based backup system fully owned and operated by Softpro. Data is backed up over a securely encrypted internet tunnel to CloudBackup’s secure Auckland-based backup servers.  I just want to emphasise here that no data goes overseas, so it is all protected by NZ laws.

Recently, I created a video which visually demonstrates how important backups are, and how CloudBackup can help you. It’s only 40 seconds long, so click on it now.

Contact us today to discuss your backup.