What’s With The Cloud?

Best Storage and Optimum Privacy for Your Data

Things are moving so fast in the cyber world that you are just about out oComputer securityf date if you blink.  And the latest concern is Cloud computing and privacy.  Whether you are a business, a non-profit organisation or an educational institute, there are plenty of questions about optimum data privacy.

There are two main ways to go with data.  There is the traditional way and the Cloud.  Let’s look at the pros and cons of them both.


Traditional Methods of Data Storage

The Cloud Data Storage

Pros Traditional methods of storing data usually include a stack of server equipment humming away and housed somewhere safe in your office. Pros Using the Cloud to store data means that you can have the right information at the right time, no matter where you are. This can really improve efficiency on the job, as well as saving time and money and eliminating any worry of the server being stolen or damaged.
Cons While keeping the data in-house can alleviate privacy concerns, it can often get in the way of running an efficient organisation and also puts the organisation at serious risk if the server gets stolen or damaged. Cons There are concerns about data security and satisfying the requirements of New Zealand privacy laws.


Find Out More

The privacy commission has issued a cloud computing guidance document to help with the decision making process.
Privacy Commission Cloud Computing Guidance Document

Not only has the privacy commission provided this handy cheat sheet but Microsoft has done the donkey work for you and answered the questions in their response document.
Microsoft Response Document

If you would like to read in more depth on this subject of privacy and Cloud computing, I have a few links here for you. (The article from NetSafe particularly deals with the data privacy concerns for schools.)

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