Which Smart Phone to Choose?

As you already know, a smart phone is a cross between a cell phone and a miniature computer. It allows you access to the Internet, instantly putting you in touch with the World Wide Web even while you’re on the go.

With online capabilities, a smart phone lets you send and receive emails, instant message with friends, family, and co-workers, and even work on it as a word processor, provided you’re skilled enough to type on a small screen or keyboard.

Another important thing to know is that you can synchronize your smart phone with your computer at home, transferring files back and forth if necessary. And your phone is also a small, portable GPS system,

But with so many options, how do you know which smart phone to buy?   I’ll just mention five smart phones today.

Google’s Nexus One smart phone has been called the “superphone.”  It‘s an Android phone made by Samsung – a very reliable mobile phone maker.  Android is the name of the Google’s operating system. (Like Windows or Linux for computers.)

The LG-P500 Smart Phone is a light, versatile, attractive smart phone.  It has a touch screen, phone, MP3 player, FM radio, computer games, calendar, diary, etc. that we have come to expect from smart phones.  And it’s a reliable, good brand that also runs Android.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is also an Android phone and has all the usual features GPS and camera. It’s also very compact and includes a slide-out keyboard although the 2.6” screen is on the small size.  It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The HTC Smart Phone models combine a compact design and great style with innovative function.  One of the models, the HTC Desire Z, is a favourite among consumers.  It allows users to navigate the features by using a capacitive touch-screen. This feature works by softly swiping a finger across the screen to bring up various options for you to choose from. It also offers users a slide-out keyboard which makes sending text-messages and emails so much easier.  Like other quality Android phones, it has a good battery life, Wi-Fi, GPS navigation.

The iPhone is the Apple branded smart phone, and the main difference you may notice with the iPhone is the price.  It has all the features of other smart phones but it’s more expensive.  Apart from that, Apple ‘clips the ticket’ on all smart phone apps you buy.

They do this by controlling how apps are installed onto the phone by third party (read: what they don’t own) software companies using the iTunes application.  But those types of prohibitions never bother creative programmers. The smart phone software has been hacked and some pirate software bypasses the internal Apple gatekeeper, making it possible to connect with other networks.

Needless to say, Apple works tirelessly on software updates to try and keep this under their control.

Next time we’ll look at ways to make the most of your smart phone.

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